These are the personal accounts of real people who have experienced improvement under homeopathic treatment. Some were already used to natural methods of healing, others were sceptics of homeopathy, and some didn't even know homeopathy existed before they came to see us. Find out what they have experienced with their high cholesterol, migraines, acute cystitis and tumors.


High Cholesterol

"I was 28 when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol levels during a routine blood test. I was of slim build and was already eating healthily - there was no physical reason why I should have high cholesterol; and no-one in my family had it either. My doctor advised anti-cholesterol drugs but I was reluctant to take strong medication being so young and wanted to try alternative methods. I was given a two-month ultimatum to lower my cholesterol before I had to start taking drugs. As a coincidence, I heard about Dr. Narendra Pathak's Homoeopatic cure center. I went to see him and discussed my condition. Doctor listened to my 'story' carefully, then analysed my case. He gave me a remedy to address the possible emotional causes of my condition. After starting my treatment, I had a strange few weeks with lots of weeping and old memories resurfacing. After few weeks, I started feeling improvements and in few months, my cholesterol test was normal!! My doctor was happy to see the improvement as he was open to natural healing methods. I never had to start on the drugs. 6 years on, my cholesterol levels are still normal an I never had a problem with them since. Since then I always consult Dr. Narendra Pathak regarding my health. He is sensitive in picking up my true emotional state and how it can contribute to my physical problems."

Prateek Mathur, 35, Event Manager - New Delhi




"My migraines were so debilitating that I had to stop work and lie down for an hour in the afternoon, almost every day. I tried conventional medication for many years, but it made me drowsy and after a while it stopped being effective. I remember thinking I must have a brain tumour, it was so painful and nothing could curb it. I went to see several specialists, but of no avail. I visited Dr. Narendra Pathak in desperation, on my brother-in-law's recommendation. I was afraid, but ready to try anything at this point. The diagnosis session seemed to last a long time and was very detailed. After the first treatment phase, my migraines became slightly less frequent, but there was no dramatic change and I didn't think the remedies were working. After the second treatment phase, however, there was a major change: I had one intense migraine, which didn't last as long as my usual ones, and when it was over, my migraines reduced significantly! The whole treatment took almost a year, after first two treatment phases on doctor's recommendation. I became more energetic and even lost some weight in the months to follow. I don't know how these remedies work, but I am a convert. Since then, I have consulted Dr. Narendra Pathak on digestive troubles with similar success"

Mrs. P. Modi, 38, House Wife - Uttar Pradesh




"I developed acute cystitis during a stressful period at work. It was very painful and there was blood in the urine. I tried drinking a lot of water but that have not helped. I heard that Dr. Narendra Pathak did consultations in Gwalior so I went to see him. He uses a system called homeopathy which uses tiny white pills made out of natural substances to cure problems. I wasn't familiar with this system, but I didn't mind. I took his remedies three times a day and I could see improvement in a week. The cystitis went altogether in about a quarter year. I didn't know medicines like this existed, but now have a high level of faith."

Er. M.K. Gupta , 26 - Gwalior




"I was diagnosed and found suffering form mammary tumor in my breast. The tumors were painful and my gynaecologist suggested operation to remove tumors. I was worried and do not wanted an operation procedure, but some alternate medication only to cure them. My aunt recommended Dr. Narendra Pathak, who treated her Uterine Fibroid related problems. I went to see him. Dr. Narendra Pathak told me about homeopathy and said treatment may take six months to one year, but he couldn't promise a cure as everybody is different, however it was worth trying. After a long consultation - I got a combination of pills to take daily. I took various pills for six months; When the next six-monthly test were due, I was already feeling better in myself and today I am 100% fit."

R. Yadav, 24, Student - Gwalior



Note: The testimonials above have been published here by their authors' kind permission.